Current Members


Jing Gan

Jing Gan, Postdoc researcher,  phosphorus removal and bioprocess development

Hongjian Lin

Hongjian Lin, Postdoc researcher, anaerobic digestion and microbial electrolysis cell

Aravindan Rajendran

Aravindan Rajendran, Postdoc researcher, cell cultivation and bioprocess development

Cristiano Rodrigues Reis

Cristiano Rodrigues Reis, PhD candidate, addition of value to agricultural waste streams

Tanner Barnharst

Tanner Barnhast, MS student, cocultivation of microalgae and fungi for wastewater treatment 

Yan Yang

Yan Yang, PhD candidate, endophytic fungi and microbial oil accumulation

Xin (Laura) Zhang

Xin (Laura) Zhang, PhD student, Electrochemical coagulation of Manure

Yanmei Zhang

Yanmei Zhang, Postdoc researcher, Fungal strain development, genetic engineering, and cell culture


Yu Cao, Visiting scholar



Carlos Zamalloa, Postdoc researcher

Yuchuan Wang

Yuchuan Wang, MS student



Former Members

  • Qiyang He, exchange PhD student, Nanjing Forestry University
  • Mi Yan, PhD student, manure foaming
  • Weiwei Liu, Visiting Scholar
  • Sarman Oktovianus Gultom, MS student, microalgae co-cultivation and harvest
  • Yulin Ye, MS student, nutrient removal and bioprocess development
  • Chunjie Xia, exchange PhD student, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  • Jianguo Zhang, postdoc researcher, fermentation and biomass utilization