My research group at UMN focuses on the bioprocess development to convert agricultural residue and waste materials to value-added chemicals and biofuel products. Research areas include biomass utilization, industrial fermentation, waste management and treatment.  My research group has received funding to work on several projects, including using co-culture of filamentous fungi and microalgae to form pellets and lichen biofilm, phosphorus removal from waste and animal feed by microbial or electrochemical approaches, and understanding the mechanism of recent swine manure foaming in Midwestern states. With this funding support, my research team has established several new cultivation methods, such as solid state cultivation, pelletized cultivation of fungi and algae, and cultivation of lichen biofilm. We have adopted several advanced technologies to assist our research; for example, 16s rRNA microbial community analysis using high-throughput pyrosequencing and fungal identification through internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences. Several of these platform technologies are notably unique and innovative and have received international attentions in the field.