Group update

September 2021

Welcome to the group Daniel Jurado and Dr. Adriana Alvarez De La. Daniel is starting his MS degree and Adriana will be working as a Postdoc.



Dr. Xiao Sun joined the group to work as a Postdoc. Welcome Xiao!



Leif van Lierop has joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome Leif!



Tanner re-joins our research group to work on his PhD. Welcome back!



Our group received funding supports from National Science Foundation to work on animal feed productioins from corn ethanol coproducts.



Laura (Xin) Zhang sucessfully defended her PhD dissertation. Congratulations!



Yuchuan Wang left our group to become a PhD graduate student at UIUC. Good luck to your new adventure!



Dr. Hongjian Lin finished his PostDoc training and found a professor positioin at Zhejiang University. Good luck to your new job!



Dr. Lingkan Ding joined our research group to work on the anaerobic digestion of food wastes. Welcome!



Aravindan Rajandran finished his PostDoc training and left the group. We will miss you and good luck to your new job!



Fatemeh Haidari joined our research group to work on the fungal fermentation of rapeseed meal for animal feeds. Welcome!



We are currently recruiting a PostDoc researcher, focusing on anaerobic digestion and bioprocess development. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.



Tanner Barnharst and Yuchuan Wang sucessfully defended their master dissertations. Congratulations!



Carlos Zamalloa finished his PostDoc training and left the group. We will miss you and good luck to your new job!



Our group made 8 oral presentations at AICHE annual meeting to disserminate our research, and Dr. Hu chaired the algae harvesting session.



BioBriEF reported our research to improve DDGS as animal feeds.



Journal of Chemical and Biotechnology put our research findings on their cover on the June 2017 issue. Researcher Aravindan Rajandran, undergraduate student Tyler Fox and Bo Hu are the authors on this research.



BioBriEF reported our research on environmental bioremeidation.


Prof. Bo Hu and his team have been working on modifying septic systems to improve the romoval of pollutants such as carbon and phosphorus. The research has been focused on design, operation and optimisation of microbial electrochemical septic tanks at lab-scale and pilot-scale. This is a short video about the Pilot scale experiments carried out at the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant in St. Paul.



Cris succesfully defended his Ph.D. research. His dissertation topic was "Value Addition and Nutrient Recovery from Ethanol Coproducts" and his committee members were Dr. Hu, Dr. Ruan, Dr. Tschirner, and Dr. Urriola (Animal Science/UMN). 

Dr. Hu and Cris attended the MnDRIVE Evening of Discovery event at Minnesota History Center.
UMN president, Dr. Eric Kaler, stopped by the poster and we had a good talk on phytate chemistry.
Thanks to MnDRIVE for the continuous support to our research!


News - Bo Hu
News - Bo Hu

Dr. Hu, Carlos, Hongjian, and Ara attended the MnDRIVE Mini Symposium on Bioremediation at Barr Engineering in Minneapolis. They presented their work on the development of novel septic systems, electrochemical systems to treat wastewater, and the utilization of artificial lichens to add value to different wastewaters.

Dr. Hu, Ara, Yanmei and Cris attended the MN Ag Expo in Mankato and presented a poster on yeast genetic engineering to improve DDGS amino acid profile.
Thanks to MN Corn Growers Association for the continuous support to our research!


Laura, Cris, and Tanner are finalists for the DOW Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award 2016. Tanner's and Cris's proposal focused on the Application of Artificial Lichens in Agricultural and Feed Systems and Laura's proposal was to develop an Economical Production of Sustainable Fertilizers from Animal Manure. Congratulations to Laura and her runner-up prize! 

Bo Hu - News